“The Best Investment You Will Ever Make”


Pastor Wilson is a firm believer in the family’s foundation as it is written in scripture.  The order God has established, if practiced, will create a divine bond between a husband and wife. I Corinthians 7:3. He often says, “The institution of marriage is perfect.  It’s the individuals who have the problems.” 

Happily married for over two decades, Pastor and Dr. Wilson areCertified Prepare & Enrich Facilitators and minister to married, engaged and the seriously dating, by providing opportunities for couples to explore attitudes and inspire change to help build healthier, happier and stronger relationships. 

With a Master’s degree in Marriage Family Therapy and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Dr. Wilson’s wealth of knowledge on clinical behaviors has proven to be an asset to Revelations premarital and marriage counseling ministry. Together they encourage couples to approach relationships from a biblical and practical perspective.

For more information on Couples4Christ group pre-marital counseling classes, couples workshops or upcoming “date night” events contact: Dr. Jeanne Wilson or Desiree King at


Referral List of Local Christian Marriage Counselors/Therapist

Pastor and Dr. Wilson conduct “group” workshops and seminars but do not provide ongoing counseling sessions to individual couples

Dr. Craig Adams Ph.D.
1100 B Street
Hayward CA 94541
(510) 581-8210

Dr. Vernita Marsh
Specializes in interracial relationships and intimate partner abuse i.e. domestic violence and anger management
4000 Broadway
Oakland 94611
(510) 420-4555

Kaiser Permanente Couples Communication Class
Kaiser Permanente offers low cost, six week couples classes with information and skills to improve communication. To find a class in your area