Pastor’s Revelation

First Lady’s Pen 

This year the Women of Faith will host
our 13th Annual Women of Faith
Day. Our theme this year is “Teaching
and Empowering Our Women of Faith,”
Titus 2:3-5. As the issues surrounding
women’s rights to equal pay and other
levels of discrimination in the workplace,
schools, and even some churches, as
well as verbal and sexual harassment,
we need to ensure that as Women of Faith we embrace each
other. Titus 2:3-5 teaches us that mature women behave in a
way that serves as an example for young women and that
young women should teach and serve as an example for
their children, be tactful, pure, keepers at home, good, and
obedient to their own husbands, ensuring God’s Word is
blessed. The Women of Revelation are grandmothers,
mothers, godmothers, aunts, and sisters. We are teachers,
business women, administrators, engineers, managers, and
leaders. Each Women of Faith Day we celebrate our beauty,
power, resilience, gifts, and talents, acknowledging WHO
gave them to us. We come from a lineage of strong Christian
women that trusted God to lead and guide them, minimizing
their doubts and fears. Esther, a woman that saved the
Jewish people and Abigail who was a humble, God-fearing
woman that worked behind the scenes to plead to King David
for the safety of her husband’s household, are both women in
the Bible that teach and inspire us to be brave and fearful
with dignity and grace. So, I echo the words of Michelle
Obama, “You can be the generation to ensure that women
are no longer second-class citizens, that girls take their
rightful places in our schools. You can be the generation that
stands up and says that violence against women in any form,
in any place — including the home — especially the home —
that isn’t just a women’s rights violation. It’s a human rights
violation. And it has no place in any society. You see, that is
the history that your generation can make.” We are our
community and we must lift each other up, pray for one
another, partner with one another, and empower our
daughters, nieces, godchildren, and young women to
love God and love, support each other.
So, ask yourself, what can I do to make history, to teach and
empower my Sisters in Christ? Dorothy Height, activist and
long-time President of the National Council of Negro Women
was known for her commitment and passion for women,
especially young women, was quoted as saying “If the time
is not ripe, we have to ripen the time.” The time to teach and
empower the next generation of women is NOW.

March is Women’s History Month. I encourage you to invite a
family member, a friend, or co-worker to our 13th Annual
Women of Faith Day on Sunday, March 18th! Be blessed.

Humbly submitted in HIS name,
Dr. Jeanne Wilson