Our Pastor: Dwayne Wilson

Pastor_(2014)Rev. Dwayne Wilson acknowledged his call to preach the Gospel at the age of 19.  He delivered his first sermon in 1988, and was ordained in 1993 at the age of 24.  A native of Oakland, California, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Christian Education graduate from Golden Gate Theological Seminary.

As a visionary and leader, Pastor Wilson understands the importance of having a balance between the message and the music, and strived to create a Life Changing Church.  In June 2001, that vision came to life, when he became the Pastor of Revelation Christian Fellowship.  Located in the wonderful city of San Leandro, this Ministry continues to impact the community by providing contemporary worship with a compelling word.

In the tradition of The Gospel, Pastor Wilson has designed a socially relevant, thoughtfully crafted ministry that has touched and shaped the lives of men, women and children alike.  As a man of vision, Pastor Wilson is a firm believer in the family’s foundation as it is written in scripture.

Among the gifts and talents with which God has blessed Pastor Wilson, none are more meaningful and fulfilling to him than preaching and teaching.  He has been blessed to carry his ministry across the country.  Pastor Wilson has lectured, preached and taught in numerous conferences, conventions, retreats, revivals and on seminary campuses.  He is very sensitive to the spiritual needs of individuals, and therefore focuses his ministry primarily, but not exclusively toward families and individuals.  Through Pastor Wilson’s preaching and teaching, because of his passion for God’s Word and the family, people are discovering their destinies; specifically, in the areas of stewardship and financial freedom.

This humble servant is advancing the Kingdom of God in new ways and redefining church as we see it today. Through Pastor Wilson’s teaching and preaching many have entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, while others have had their faith strengthened.