First Family


Dr. Jeanne Wilson


First Lady, Dr. Jeanne Wilson hold a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Affectionately known as Dr. Jeanne, she humbly lends her service and talents to many areas of ministry, where she encourages members to develop a more intimate relationship with God through service and education; and in the Premarital and Marriage Counseling Ministry where she and Pastor Wilson conduct powerful Couples4Christ relationship workshops and seminars.

Dr. Jeanne is the Dean of Special Programs and Services at Chabot College and has recently written her first book entitled, My Sister’s Keeper: Letters From the Heart for Pastors Wives.


My Sisters Keeper: Letters from the Heart for Pastors Wives

By, our very own, Dr. Jeanne Wilson

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Children in the Family

Pastor and Dr. Wilson have been married for over two decades and are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Morgan and Kennedy.