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We are one of the Bay Area’s fastest growing churches. Revelation Christian Fellowship is a, visionary, non-denominational church with activities and ministries for all ages. Pastor Dwayne Wilson, along with the entire RCF family, is focused, like never before, on meeting the needs of the San Leandro community and providing ministries and services that impact every area of life.

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By, our very own, Dr. Jeanne Wilson
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pastorPastor’s Pen – January 2015

Another year of ministry has past
and we have discovered what
awesome things we can accomplish
by Living for the Lord,” 1 Peter 4:1‐2.
However, when much is given, much is required.  As we live for the Lord we learned how to apply God’s Word through prayer, study, and fasting. This walk is not an easy one but we
triumph in our Love of God and our faith.   As a church family, we want to continue to move from Lip Service to Life Service.
So, our 2015 Theme is “Just Believe,” Mark 5:36: “As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the
ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.”


Sis. Jonelle “Jo-Jo” Booze Johnson

 Work in the ministry:I work with the Children’s ministry and I was “volun-told” to head the Missed Members Ministry.

Member Bio: I began attending Revelation Christian Fellowship with my mother Jeanell Ingram and my daughter, Nydra Johnson. My mom would come home every Sunday with something Pastor Wilson said during his sermon. I decided I needed to see what this “Pastor Wilson” was all about. It took one sermon and I was hooked. I became a member on July 27, 2013 after being a bootleg member since mid-2012.  Exactly 3 months later, I was baptized along with my youngest daughter Nydra.

How has God changed your life through the ministry?  I have become so humble and more appreciative of what God has done for me and my family. I never miss an opportunity to express to someone what God has and will continue to do for me. I have been broken and bruised in the physical and mental sense and I know that it was no one “BUT GOD” who brought me through.

Why did you make the decision to be a part of this ministry?  From the first day I walked through the doors of RCF I felt a sense of welcoming and calmness. I felt like I was home. I’ve attended churches throughout my life; however, there was something I could not deny when I attended my first service. Becoming a member was the easiest, life changing, humbling, gratifying, exuberant decision I’ve ever made. I am so happy to be a member of Revelation Christian Fellowship.

What do you love most about Revelation Christian Fellowship?  I’m not afraid to say I am in love with my church family. I say that because it feels like a family reunion when I walk through those doors every Wednesday for Bible study and every Sunday for morning worship. I absolutely love MY Pastor and the way he brings the message home to me. I never miss an opportunity to brag about my church and my Pastor.  I love you all!

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